MEDIator - Data Replication System for TCIA

MEDIator is a system that could provide data repositories with a seamless, and transparent, approach to give their users the ability to share and publish research data — a one-way Dropbox like environment for the community which gives researchers the ability to share data subsets, track and download updates, and publish data.

Getting Started With MEDIator

Sign up to use the MEDIator APIs.

Once you have received the API key from the developer portal above, you may use your keys to invoke the MEDIator REST API.

Make sure to append all your RESTful api invocations with &api_key=YOUR-API-UMBRELLA-API-KEY in order to invoke the MEDIator RESTful APIs.

Data Sharing and Federation with MEDIator

MEDIator allows sharing pointers to medical data efficiently, while letting the consumers manipulate the pointers without modifying the raw medical data. MEDIator has been implemented for multiple data sources, including Amazon S3, The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA), caMicroscope, and metadata from CSV files for cancer images.

Please note that MEDIator version 1.0 has been code named SPREAD (System for Sharing and Publishing Research Data). You may find sentences referring to MEDIator by this code name.

This MEDIator deployment focuses on TCIA as its core data source.


The researcher initially finds some interesting data, and decides to bookmark them. MEDIator creates a pointer to the data chosen by the researcher. This pointer uniquely identifies all the data that was initially of interest to the researcher. The researcher now shares this pointer to the data with his/her colleagues.

The other researcher, using this uniquely identifiable pointer, accesses and downloads the actual data. Moreover, he/she may duplicate pointer, as well as modify the duplicated pointer to point to a slightly changed subset of data as well.

MEDIator stores these pointers in an in-memory data grid for an efficient storage and access. These pointers are called ‘replica sets’ in MEDIator.

Citing MEDIator

If you have used MEDIator in your research, please cite the below papers:

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[2] Kathiravelu, P. & Sharma, A. (2016). SPREAD - System for Sharing and Publishing Research Data. In Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine Annual Meeting (SIIM 2016). June 2016.

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